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Control flow support in autodiff



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      A requirement for any major language feature in Swift is to work well with common programming patterns and maintain a progressive disclosure of complexity. Differentiable programming is working fairly reliably for any straight-line code, but it does not work well with control flow constructs, such as `if`, `guard`, `while`, `for` and `switch`. In order for differentiable programming to be considered by Swift Evolution, control flow statements have to be supported.

      Oh the other hand, the primary use case of automatic differentiation is deep learning. Common deep learning use cases require control flow, such as backpropagation through time and even simple layers whose behavior depends on flags or optionals. When control flow is not supported by autodiff, users are forced to write a derivative that switches on the condition manually and call derivatives of individual straight-line pieces as outlined functions. No user wants to do this.

      As such, we have a strong need for control flow support, and it is the most voted feature request by the Swift for TensorFlow team!


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