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      The sourcekitd/sourcekitd.h header uses __has_feature(blocks) to only define block-based APIs on platforms that support them. For some of these APIs, function pointer equivalents are also defined.

      However, much of the internal implementation of SourceKit uses the block-based APIs. Therefore, SourceKit cannot build on any platform that does not have blocks – specifically, it does not build on Linux.

      The following block-based APIs need function pointer equivalents, and SourceKit implementation callsites to these functions should use the function pointer APIs instead:

      • sourcekitd_set_interrupted_connection_handler needs sourcekitd_set_interrupted_connection_handler_f
      • sourcekitd_variant_dictionary_apply needs sourcekitd_variant_dictionary_apply_f
      • sourcekitd_variant_array_apply needs sourcekitd_variant_array_apply_f
      • sourcekitd_send_request needs sourcekitd_send_request_f
      • sourcekitd_set_notification_handler needs sourcekitd_set_notification_handler_f
      • sourcekitd_set_uid_handlers needs sourcekitd_set_uid_handlers_f

      As far as I know, adding a function pointer API for a block-based API looks something like the following, using sourcekitd_set_notification_handler as an example:

      // Instead of a block `sourcekitd_response_receiver_t`, define a function `sourcekitd_response_receiver_f_t`.
      // Because functions can't capture stack variables, it's passed a context pointer.
      typedef void (*sourcekitd_response_receiver_f_t)(sourcekitd_response_t resp, void *context);
      // Define another function that takes the new function pointer type.
      void sourcekitd_set_notification_handler_f(sourcekitd_response_receiver_f_t receiver);

      It might be a good idea to create sub-tasks for each of these, although I'd like to confirm that this is a reasonable direction before we do that.


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