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swiftc - Can't compile project with +1500 Swift files



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Medium
    • Resolution: Done
    • Component/s: Compiler
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    • Environment:

      OS X 10.11.2, Xcode 7.2 (7C68)
      Apple Swift version 2.1.1 (swiftlang-700.1.101.15 clang-700.1.81)

      Affects also latest compiled version from github.



      I'm working on a mixed Swift/Objective-C project with a large code base, which has more than 1500 Swift files and several hundred Objective-C files. The project is written in Swift 1.2 and is currently build successfully on Xcode 6.4. I started to migrate it to Swift 2.1 and Xcode 7.2, but it seems that swiftc has a bug which does not allow for successfuly migration/compilation. Note, that the project has to support iOS 7, so I cannot use Swift dynamic frameworks and all Swift files has to be compiled in the same target.

      When trying to compile such a project, compilaion fails just after successful termination of Compile Swift sources step (with swiftc), no MergeSwitfModules step is invoked and -Swift.h umbrella header is not generated. Because there is no umbrella header the project compilation fails.

      It seems that swiftc is not generating umbrella header when it has more than 1500 Swift files to process. Reducing number (to about 1100) of Swift files solves the problem, same as concatenating Swift classes into one big file.

      When enabling -whole-module-optimization option in swiftc (which helped me with some problems under Xcode 6.4 and MergeSwiftModules crashes), the compiler process is returning immediatelly and is not processing any Swift files.

      How to reproduce?

      The bug is easy to reproduce especially with -whole-module-optimization, by following these steps:

      • Run attached script (./generate_pure_swift_class.py) to generate 2500 pure swift classes (simple classes having two dummy methods)
      • Try to compile all swift files:

      swiftc -num-threads 1 -g -whole-module-optimization -parseable-output *.swift

      • Compiler exits immediatelly without performing any steps and without any warning or error. Note that when setting -num-threads to 0 or not setting at all compilation seems to work.

      Potential problem

      I spent some time on investigating the issue with -whole-module-optimization and immediate compiler exit. After checking swiftc source code I found out that the culprit is posix_spawn invoked from Task::execute() (lib/Basic/Unix/TaskQueue.inc:142), it returns error code 7, which suggests [EFAULT] aka Path, argv, or envp point to an illegal address.

      I checked both argv and envp and they contain correct entries, doesn't look like corrupted. I think that reason for posix_spawn() failure can be too long list of arguments stored in argvp (about 5900 entries, which is much bigger than original list of input arguments passed to swiftc - about 2000 args). Strangely this worked correctly in Swift 1.2.

      Maybe posix_spawn is passed more arguments to a spawned process (since what was done for Swift 1.2), because some object dependency graph is passed together with input files to avoid unnecessary recompilation or something?

      The situation could be solved by blocking posix_spawn (#undef HAVE_POSIX_SPAWN) and using fork, but this is more like a workaround and needs recompilation of swift.

      Note: Both problems (not generating Swift umbrella header and immediate exit of swiftc in -whole-module-optimization mode) are also reproducible with Xcode 7.2, when creating new project and adding about 1.2 - 1.5k Swift files to it. Tested both on pure Swift files and Swift files inheriting from NSObject.


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